Ashwani Sharma, Executive Director
Runs a successful Media Organisation, Akash Media, which publishes journals and books. Defstrat events, a subsidiary of Akash Media puts together very popular symposiums on a variety of contemporary topics. Ashwani regularly writes and speaks about strategy and security issues in India and abroad.

​Lt Gen JP Singh,Honorary Patron
One of the most experienced, knowledgable and respected figure amongst the defence experts, who has helped shape many government policies and executed a number of military projects succesfully. We are fortunate to have him as Advisor Military Affairs, South Asia Defence. We now look forward to his immense knowledge and guidance in this venture
as well.

KV Kuber, Mentor 
KV Kuber is a luminary in procurement procedures and capability development. KV has contributed a great deal in streamlining processes and in encouraging MSMEs in India to come forward and contribute towards making India an industrial hub and develop capacity in terms of a sustainable 

industrial base.

Blink Digital, Partner

Our partner and associate for creative concepts, inputs and designs.  Managed by professionals with experience and integrity, Blink Digital’s strength lies in “originality of thought and perceptions”. The final product is thus, strikingly refreshing and eye catching.   

Rhea Sharma, Advisor Strategy
With her hands on experience in dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and  educational qualifications, Rhea is well suited to provide incisive inputs on shaping perceptions. Educated in top schools in India and abroad, Rhea has acquired twin Masters' degrees in Clinical Psychology and Community Relations and is eager to provide a cutting edge to the messages drafted by Team Compass. ​

SK Jha, Graphic Designer
With near perfection in his capability to bring to life a creative concept, SK is the backbone of the creative team. A tireless member of the team who has diligently contributed to the success of Akash Media.